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At Asheville DUI Guy, our lawyers are well-versed in North Carolina’s DUI laws and have a thorough understanding of the local court system and procedures. Our main objective is to protect our client’s rights and provide a robust defense strategy.

Our team is committed to thoroughly examining the details surrounding your DUI arrest, questioning the evidence, and exploring every potential defense to reduce or dismiss the charges.

Through our unwavering dedication, expertise, and wealth of experience, Asheville DUI Guy strives to assist clients in navigating the intricate legal landscape of DUI charges, aiming for the most favorable outcome in each unique case.

We proudly serve Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas.

DUI Cases We Handle

Facing a DUI charge in Asheville can be daunting, but with Asheville DUI Guy, you have a team of skilled DUI lawyers ready to provide the strong legal representation you need.

Our legal team can provide valuable assistance in mitigating and navigating the license consequences associated with a DUI, employing legal strategies to minimize the impact on our client’s driving privileges.
At Asheville DUI Guy, we offer expert assistance in navigating DUI sentencing, employing strategic approaches to advocate for favorable outcomes and minimize the potential consequences for our clients.

Our skillful lawyers understand the intricacies of field sobriety tests and can effectively incorporate them into your defense strategy, potentially shaping the result of your case.

Our DUI Lawyers at Asheville DUI Guy are adept at navigating breathalyzer test complexities, utilizing our experience to assist clients in challenging and interpreting the results effectively.

Our team can provide valuable support for clients facing underage DUI charges by crafting a strategic defense, exploring potential mitigating factors, and working to minimize the legal consequences.

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A friend got pulled over recently for drunk driving and I was his one call. Since I"m not from Asheville I did a search for lawyers, and ADG appeared. They connected and my friend got off easy. Of course I take full credit for making the connection.


A close family member of mine got a DUI after leaving a New Years party and was facing very challenging ordeal as it could have cost his his job. After speaking with several attorneys in the area, he chose Asheville DUI Guy to handle his case. He couldn't have made a better choice! His case was handled professionally and promptly and these guys were with him all the way! Highly recommend Asheville DUI Guy!


My uncle got pulled over the other day for driving while under the influence. We called Asheville DUI Guy and he got everything squared away! Thanks ADG!


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