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My uncle got pulled over the other day for driving while under the influence. We called Asheville DUI Guy and he got everything squared away! Thanks ADG!


Provided my niece with excellent service and were super helpful with her. Definitely would recommend them for assistance!


Very professional DUI lawyers. Can’t thank them enough. The only choice in Asheville.


Asheville DUI Guy’s are a great group to work with for your DUI needs.



We Keep Our Clients Satisfied

A friend got pulled over recently for drunk driving and I was his one call. Since I”m not from Asheville I did a search for lawyers, and ADG appeared. They connected and my friend got off easy. Of course I take full credit for making the connection.


I had a friend who needed a DUI attorney and I recommended these guys. They break everything down and make the process easy to understand as well as give you a play by play of their approach and what they need.


The Only DUI Attorney in Asheville to choose from. Perfect Results for the situation.


Well it wasn’t my first offense so I knew I needed a good dui lawyer. These guys took care me. If you get busted for drunk driving you should contact Asheville DUI guy.


A close family member of mine got a DUI after leaving a New Years party and was facing very challenging ordeal as it could have cost his his job. After speaking with several attorneys in the area, he chose Asheville DUI Guy to handle his case. He couldn’t have made a better choice! His case was handled professionally and promptly and these guys were with him all the way! Highly recommend Asheville DUI Guy!