Asheville DUI Attorney: Tricking Police Doesn’t Work

If you have ever been pulled over for DUI, you probably convinced yourself that you could get away with it. You have been driving long enough to know what to say to the cops if they suspect you of drunk driving. After all, you’ve been over 21 for years and you’ve never once gotten busted for drunk driving.

Our Asheville DUI attorneys have heard it all. Our clients seem shocked or offended that the police accused them of DUI. Their hope is that our criminal lawyers in Asheville can convince the court that the cops were wrong. However, regardless of what tactics you employ, the cops are going to be able to tell if you’ve been drinking and driving.

Trying to Fool the Cops Doesn’t Work, an Asheville DUI Attorney Explains

Sometimes, our Asheville DUI attorneys are surprised at the things they hear from our clients. Despite the fact that some of them were arrested and charged with DUI, they insist that the cops were wrong. Many of them swear that they only had two drinks before they were pulled over. Others say that they had been drinking but that it was hours before they were pulled over.

One reason so many drivers continue this farce with their criminal lawyer in Asheville is that they’re afraid their lawyer will find out they lied to the cops. The truth is that a lot of our clients lied to the cops. In fact, most DUI defendants bent the truth or outright lied to the police officer who pulled them over.

One thing a lot of our clients have in common is that they all thought they would be able to trick the cops. When they saw the red and blue lights in their rearview mirror, they took all the precautions they could think of. They used a breath spray to get rid of the smell of alcohol on their breath. They put a few drops of Visine into their eyes. They also turn the radio down and pretend that everything is fine.

They don’t think for a minute that the cop will actually pull them out of the car and ask them to take a breathalyzer test. However, you have to remember that the cops have learned how to spot just about every trick in the book. That breath spray does nothing but raise the officer’s suspicion. It almost makes the situation worse.

Police Officers Spend Years Training on How to Spot a Drunk Driver

While cops are in the police academy, they learn the basics of drunk driving detection. However, over the years, they go to special classes and seminars to learn how to spot an impaired driver. Even the newer cops are assigned to drive with veteran officers so they can learn from them. Chances are, when the cops pull you over, it’s because they have identified several red flags that make them suspect you’re driving while under the influence.

Some of the things the officers look for before they pull a driver over on suspicion of drunk driving include the following.

  • You are driving way too slow given the speed limit.
  • You are driving with the windows down when it’s freezing outside.
  • You have the radio blasting even though it’s after midnight.
  • You are weaving in and out of your lane.
  • You are stopping at stop signs for way too long.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty of other signs that you are drinking and driving. All the police need to do is have a reasonable suspicion that someone is driving under the influence, and they have the right to pull them over.

The Cops Have Already Figured Out Your Tricks

People sometimes forget that police officers are humans too. They were once just like you – going out with their friends for a few drinks. The difference is that they chose not to drive home afterward. Any trick you have up your sleeve isn’t going to be any good against a member of law enforcement.

Some of the tricks people use to get out of a DUI charge include the following:

  • They drink an entire bottle of water when they get into their vehicle, hoping that they can cheat the breathalyzer test
  • They eat something on the way home figuring it will cover up the smell of the alcohol
  • They put a penny in their mouth as soon as the police siren comes up behind them, assuming that the penny will prevent the breathalyzer test from detecting alcohol in your blood

Not only do these tricks not work, but they can make the cops even more suspicious.

If You Are Arrested for Drunk Driving, Contact an Asheville DUI Attorney

Despite what people may think, it’s almost impossible to trick the cops into believing you’re sober when you’re not. By the time the police pull you over, they have already decided that there’s a good chance you’re under the influence. Our Asheville DUI attorneys try to explain this to our clients.

The cops are trained in how to detect an impaired driver from a mile away. They know what signs to look for. When they approach your vehicle, they are expecting to confirm their suspicions that you’re drunk or high. Sure, every now and then, the driver they pull over is completely sober. They may have just been distracted by something. However, most of the time, the police are right.

If you’ve been arrested for DUI, your criminal lawyer in Asheville will review your case and see if they can find weak points in the State’s case. If the traffic stop or arrest was unlawful, the charges may be dismissed. In other cases, a DUI lawyer can negotiate a favorable plea deal with the prosecutor to reduce the penalties you’re facing.

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI, contact our Asheville DUI attorneys today. Our team will fight aggressively toward getting the charges against you reduced or dismissed. With so much at stake, it’s in your best interest to speak with a professional.

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