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A lawyer can challenge a false positive breathalyzer test result.

What Can Cause a False Positive Breathalyzer Test

There’s no doubt about it – getting pulled over for suspected driving under the influence is a stressful experience. It can be even more alarming if you’re confident that you haven’t been drinking and yet still fail a DUI test. Unfortunately, a false positive Breathalyzer test is not uncommon in...

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Cars stopped at DUI checkpoint in Asheville

What You Need to Know about DUI Checkpoints in North Carolina

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense that can lead to severe consequences. To combat this issue, law enforcement agencies in North Carolina regularly set up DUI checkpoints to deter and catch offenders. However, there are specific rules and regulations that must be followed during these checkpoints. An...

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An African American man in handcuffs, racial profiling concept

Can Your Asheville DUI Attorney Prove Racial Profiling in Your Case?

One would hope that in a society that claims to embrace diversity, racial profiling would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. While there are laws prohibiting this sort of behavior, that doesn’t mean that police have stopped the practice. Our Asheville DUI attorneys meet with a...

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breathalyzer test for DUI

Asheville DUI Attorney: Police Proof of a DUI

Some people assume that the only way you can be arrested for DUI is if you are drinking and driving. However, with the drug epidemic being what it is, law enforcement has been cracking down on driving while under the influence of drugs as well. Even if you were only...

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asheville dui attorney

Asheville DUI Attorney: Getting a DUI Conviction Expunged

An Asheville DUI attorney can be a great help if you got charged with a DUI. If you know anyone who has ever been convicted of DUI, you may be aware of how this can affect your life. If anyone ever runs a background check on you, for any reason,...

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car keys and a drink, DUI lawyer in Asheville concept image

DUI Lawyer in Asheville: Challenging the Field Sobriety Test

After you’ve been arrested for DUI, you will be booked and officially charged. You’ll have a few days before you are required to enter your plea. If you plead guilty, you’ll be sentenced right away. You will lose your license for at least six months. You will also have to...

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Police stopping a drunk driver who needs an Asheville DUI attorney

Asheville DUI Attorney: Tricking Police Doesn’t Work

If you have ever been pulled over for DUI, you probably convinced yourself that you could get away with it. You have been driving long enough to know what to say to the cops if they suspect you of drunk driving. After all, you’ve been over 21 for years and...

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criminal defense attorney in asheville

Criminal Defense Attorney in Asheville: Drunk Driving Tests

Initially, when the drunk driving laws were passed many years ago, the objective was to detect when people were driving after drinking. As any criminal defense attorney in Asheville can tell you, the original intent of the laws was not to check drivers to see if they were under the...

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asheville dui attorney

Asheville DUI Attorney: Benefits of Hiring a Professional

An Asheville DUI attorney could mean the difference between a conviction and staying a free person. If you have ever been arrested for DUI before, you know how scary it can be. A lot of people don’t realize how serious these charges really are. They figure they’ll make do for...

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