DWI Charges: Can I Get Them Dropped?

If you’ve been caught and charged with “drunk driving,” we believe it’s a smart idea to have a North Carolina DWI attorney by your side in court.

The repercussions of a probable conviction are severe enough that you should begin preparing your defense as soon as feasible. Good decisions are founded on having accurate information.

And, when it comes to defending a charge of Driving While Impaired, strong legal guidance necessitates planning, hard effort, and tenacious attention to detail.

Nobody expects to be arrested for DUI

With the advent of Uber and Lyft, the general public believes that DWI in North Carolina no longer an issue.

While it’s true that the overall number of DWI arrests in North Carolina has fallen, impaired driving accidents and fatalities continue to dominate the news. We feel it is critical to begin your DWI defense as soon as possible.

You’re doing the right thing by researching Asheville DWI attorneys. Simply put, contact us today.

You might find our blog articles on  DWI DUI in North Carolina useful, so take a few moments to read relevant articles.  We are well-known throughout North Carolina for representing and advocating for persons facing serious criminal accusations. We fight for justice, legal education, and effective trial advocacy.

Critical First Steps

When it comes to DWI accusations in North Carolina, there are several critical “first steps” to do regarding your NC DMV driver license and safeguarding your legal rights in court.

You might be able to regain your license in ways other than the typical ones, such as receiving a Pre-Trial Limited Driving Privilege, an alcohol assessment, a DL-123, and work hours documentation.

Some clients may initiate a legal challenge to the civil, administrative suspension under NCGS 20-16.2. Clearly, each case is unique, and fighting any legal problem in court necessitates the proper application of NC DWI statutes and completing qualifying standards. Your DWI defense attorney will carefully review the nature and circumstances of your arrest before providing legal advice if you already have a revoked or suspended license with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles, if you denied the Breathalyzer, whether you have an out-of-state driving license, or if you are operating with a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL – Class A or Class B).

I have a Spotless Record. Will They Drop my Charges?

Every client is unique, just as each DWI accusation in North Carolina has distinct components of the case surrounding its prosecution in court.

Having said that, clients frequently ask eerily identical queries.

No one wants to receive a DWI conviction. A conviction for “drunk driving” may result in more than just a social stigma or disgrace at work or among friends and family.

There are severe consequences for your NC DMV driver’s license and insurance points. If this is not your first DWI offense or a Grossly Aggravating Factor is present, the North Carolina DWI Laws can be severe. The court (the Judge who enters the decision or “sentence”) may also impose court costs, community service fees, community service, other fines, probation, and mandatory compliance with an Alcohol Assessment and suggested treatment.

As a result, many people with DWI charges begin seeking ways to get their charges dismissed or thrown out of court immediately.

That’s very understandable.

Unfortunately, the answer to the query, “Can I get my charges dismissed if I have a clean record?” is often, “No, prosecutors do not dismiss Driving While intoxicated charges in North Carolina because you have a clean record.”

That is also true when attempting to have DWI charges reduced to reckless driving or something other other than DWI.

The absence of past criminal history or an NC DMV driving record, while useful in sentencing, does not serve as a solid legal foundation for a DWI charge dismissal North Carolina.

Of course, this assumes a conviction, which DWI attorneys strive to prevent if at all feasible. It’s important to avoid conflating equity in sentencing with legal defenses that could lead to a dismissal by the court.

Final Thoughts

Our criminal defense attorneys analyze whether there is a solid case for prosecution, construct a case strategy, and advocate for clients and their constitutional rights. Cases are rejected due to the law, legal arguments, and valuable fact patterns, not because you’re a lovely person or because of who you know. Our experts are available to answer your questions and help you defend yourself. Contact us today.


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